5 Dangers of using DIY Vinyl Siding Power Washing

5 Dangers of using DIY Vinyl Siding Power Washing

Ever heard of power washing? How about soft or pressure washing? If not, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today, more specifically, DIYing them and how it can harm your surfaces such as vinyl sidings.

To define, power washing is a method of cleaning of washing that uses high pressure, shooting hot water to cleanse and disinfect various areas of your home or surface that are hard to clean. These include vinyl sidings, panel sidings, enclosures and the likes. There are three main types of cleaning, actually.

Besides power washing, we also have pressure washing and soft washing. Soft washing, as its name suggests, uses lower pressure than power washing and pressure washing. Pressure washing is sometimes interchanged with power washing, which is a common misconception. Pressure washing is technically power washing, but it does not use hot water. It used warm to cold, instead.

Why Power Washing?

Power washing is perfect for disinfecting a lot of surfaces and sanitizing it, by melting down the piled-up layers of heart which can happen to places that don’t get a lot of attention— an example would be vinyl sidings. The hot water sanitizes, while breaking down the dirt quickly.

While power washing seems to be a desirable option for cleaning, it also has its downsides, unfortunately. Especially, if you DIY it or Do it yourself. There’s a reason why professionals are required for this job. Handling a pressure washer filled with hot water and a bit of chemicals is tough, and if you don’t know even the basics, can get you in an accident.

Here are five main reasons why power washing your vinyl sidings and other surfaces all by yourself is dangerous:

1. The High Pressure.

Imagine water shooting directly at you, hard. Not with just the typical force, no. Harder than that. Surely enough, it can inflict numerous injuries such as fractures.

2. Hot Water.

Oh, add in the hot water with the high pressure? The hot water I’m talking about is boiling hot. Yeah, it would be no surprise that if the washing gun is mishandled, you’ll get burns or even worse than that.

3. Electric Shock.

Pressure washers use water and electricity. Now, the cord that connects the power to the gun is typically 20-30 feet. This cable is vulnerable to cord cracking and the presence of water makes the likeliness of electric shock increase.

4. Damages the surfaces if mishandled.

Not only can pressure washers harm the user, but it can also harm the surface you’re cleaning. Most people think that the more pressure, the better. That depends, actually. Because the more pressure you use, the sturdier and stronger the material should be. Sure, it can get rid of all that nasty dirt, but if used incorrectly, it can make your surface a lot less attractive.

5. The Chemicals.

DIYs uses a mixture of all kinds of chemicals including organic solvents, nail polish removers, furniture polish, cleaners, liquid grease removers and undiluted chlorine bleach. These chemicals are actually somewhat dangerous to clean a vinyl siding’s surface and once exposed to these chemicals, even getting a tiny bit of them to your system can bring heavy consequences. Bacterial infections are one of them.

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