7 Top Uses of Power Washing

7 Top Uses of Power Washing

Pressure washing or power washing is the utilization of a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, grime, dust, debris, dirt, mold, or anything that could be considered filth, from surfaces and objects such as floors, tiles, buildings, vehicles, etcetera.

If you spend a great deal of your time watching hours of videos in YouTube, you might have come across satisfying compilations wherein they use a power washer to effortlessly transform a dirty place to the cleanest thing you ever saw. It is absolutely amazing, right?

If watching those videos made you realize you actually need something deep-cleaned, and you are deciding to make the jump of getting a power/pressure washing service near you, then here are some of the top uses of power washing to further support and strengthen your decision making! This list is in no order, whatsoever:

1. Driveways or garage floors

Think about the countless times you used your car. That is how many times your driveway and garage floor has been dirtied by the heaps of dirt and debris your car tires have gone through. You may think that your driveway looked like that since the beginning, but you will definitely be surprised by how clean it actually is after pressure washing it!

2. Main entrance walkways

This part of your house garners a major share of foot traffic everyday, and so it can easily be the most dirtied surface on your house. It is also important to know that since this is the main entrance, it plays an essential part in the overall curb appeal of your house. A dirty main entrance can generally turn off appeal, however, that can easily be resolved by the use of a power washer!

3. Concrete and tiled patios

Patios made out of concrete and tiled floors can build a lot of dirt and mold over the years. Patios are a very popular space for getting together, entertainment, or any recreational activity, especially in the summer. You would be surprised at how much dirt a patio floor can accumulate over the summer and one quick, effortless way of dealing with all of that is by power washing.

4. Fences

Fences are essential to a household. It creates the boundaries between your house and the rest of the world, it offers you some protection, it can create visual appeal, etc. However, with time, the wrath of Mother Nature can heavily weather down your precious fence, building up dirt and debris, stripping it of its former glory. One quick power wash will get your dirty, beaten-up fence restored good as new!

5. Vehicles

If you use your vehicle a lot and have not cleaned it in a while, a pressure washer can wash away any dirt and leave it spick and span! Power washing is great for cleaning any kind of vehicle, especially if you have a 4×4 or an ATV that you use a lot to traverse different kinds of landscapes a car would not usually go!

6. Wooden-decked patios

Similar to the patio with concrete and tiled floors, this can also build up a lot of dirt over time. You may realize that the coloration of your wooden floor is degrading and losing its former new look. A swift power wash can easily remedy that!

7. Outside gear or equipment

Any equipment that is used a lot outside and gets dirty is a potential candidate for power washing. May that be a really used mountain bike, an old bird bath, moldy boats, etcetera. Pressure washing them can get them clean quickly and even provide a boost to its performance!

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