5 Dangers of using DIY Vinyl Siding Power Washing

Ever heard of power washing? How about soft or pressure washing? If not, then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about today, more specifically, DIYing them and how it can harm your surfaces such as vinyl sidings.

To define, power washing is a method of cleaning of washing that uses high pressure, shooting hot water to cleanse and disinfect various areas of your home or surface that are hard to clean. These include vinyl sidings, panel sidings, enclosures and the likes. There are three main types of cleaning, actually.

7 Top Uses of Power Washing

Pressure washing or power washing is the utilization of a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, grime, dust, debris, dirt, mold, or anything that could be considered filth, from surfaces and objects such as floors, tiles, buildings, vehicles, etcetera.

If you spend a great deal of your time watching hours of videos in YouTube, you might have come across satisfying compilations wherein they use a power washer to effortlessly transform a dirty place to the cleanest thing you ever saw. It is absolutely amazing, right?

5 Dangers of Using Wrong Pressure Washer Nozzle

Did you ever get any part of your house pressure washed? Well, if yes, how did it go? And if no, I’m guessing why you’re reading this is you’re doing research about pressure washing.

To start, pressure washing is a great method of cleaning which uses a pressure washing gun. There are two main types of pressure washing: Soft and Pressure Washing, which differs in terms of the ‘nozzle’ they use. For those who tried pressure washing their walls, this term should already be a bit familiar.

Cement vs. Concrete Power Wash

In the power washing industry, cement and concrete are often used interchangeably to describe the same things, such as the surface of a driveway or the sidewalk. However, the two words are different from each other and both carry a meaning of their own.

The difference between cement and concrete is simple. Concrete is a composite material compose of different aggregates bonded together with a fluid paste that hardens over time. Cement is that fluid paste used to create concrete.

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing: Which do You Choose?

Cleaning is more complex than it may seem, Fort Worth. It’s more than just your sponge and bucket of soapy water. For instance, did you know about soft washing and pressure washing?

They’re two different methods conducted to achieve the same goal: cleaning. Both are effective at their jobs, but both are more ideally applied to different things. So, from here on out, it’s a matter of figuring out which stuff to soft wash, and which to pressure wash.